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“It's Who You Are”

The word “believer” is defined as someone who believes, referring to someone who has faith in someone or something. In the Christian faith, this label was given to the early Christians who believed that Jesus Christ was the promised Messiah and savior of the world.

Our Story

The idea came about when one guy, no one in particular, took notice to the fact that so many faith leaders were choosing to wear popular brand names in public, even brands that contrasted their own beliefs. The guy thought, “is there no brand that identifies with the person wearing the shirt rather than simply naming the designer?”. Thus came Believer Apparel, a brand that easily identifies who YOU are rather than the guy behind the brand.

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Our mission

Our core values are integrated into all of our decisions down to the smallest details. On the front end, we are committed to providing the best quality in all our merchandise. We’d rather lower our margins than to ever lower our standards. To take it a step further, we are sourcing responsibly to ensure that none of our shirts, hoodies etc. are being made in sweatshops or below-standard working conditions. As Believers, we hold ourselves to a higher standard and choose not to cut corners for personal gain.

Social impact is a core part of our framework. Since our first printed t-shirt, we committed to giving away samples of every release to the homeless. There are plenty of ways that we can and do serve the community, but as an apparel provider, we wanted to incorporate that responsibility into the business. We create awesome clothing, so we donate to the needy with clothes. If you see a homeless person in your city walking around in fresh Believer t-shirt or sweater, now you know why.

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This classic Believer t-shirt is where it all started, back in 2014. We pressed up hundreds of black and white t-shirts and sold them at events all over the Southeast. 

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We searched out high-quality, 100% cotton material to create a t-shirt that people could feel good about wearing for years to come

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The most common feedback we hear from Believers is in regards to how often people ask them about their shirt. Though it's simple, this is definitely an attention grabber and a great segue into meaningful dialogue. It's who you are.

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